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This is the news section of the website and it is here where you will find all of the latest information for Robbie's website. If you want to keep up on a daily basis, go to Facebook and find Robbie Lee Wales and you will find all about Robbie and what is happening daily,


23rd October 2013
After a really busy summer of new venues and old, Robbie has found time to bring to his collection of showcases, a wonderful new showcase for 2014. It is a Lennon and McCartney Tribute show. Robbie is bringing all the hits from 1963 - 1966 of those world famous Beatles song. Robbie is really excited about doing this for a few reasons. Firstly, Robbie just loves all songs from The Beatles song book. Secondly, all the songs Robbie has chosen for this new and exciting showcase are songs from his childhood and like so many musicians today, grew up listening to the wonderful writings of Lennon and McCartney. Robbie's other showcases have proved to be extremely popular with all his venues and we have had nothing but great reviews from you all. Thank you for that. So to recap for next years showcase's Robbie Lee can now offer his Nostalgia Showcase, Robbie Lee's 60's Showcase, Robbie Lee's Country Show not forgetting his fantastic Robbie Lee's Christmas Cracker Showcase and of course for 2014 Robbie Lee's Lennon and McCartney Songbook Showcase. So Bookers, the only decision you have to make is which one do you want to book?

This years Christmas Cracker Show is full of so much Xmas cheer and so funny bits which will have you all in stitches. We have watched Robbie in rehearsals and you are going to fall about laughing, we promise. We at RCT Entertainments are sorry but this years Christmas Cracker Showcase is now fully booked but we are already taking bookings for Xmas 2014. For those of you who like to get in early, we have now opened the booking list for 2014. So if you want any of the shows, want a fete date or if you have something special you require Just give us a cal on 01994 427450.
You can always catch up with whats happening with Robbie on his Facebook page, Robbie Lee Wales.

Robbie has been nominated for The Best Entertainer Award for the Carehome Entertainer of the Year. If you want to have a look goto and click on their Care Home Idol logo find Robbie's video and enjoy. You can vote for him if you wish. I'm sure Robbie would appreciate that.... >

3rd January 2013
A very Happy New Year to you all from Robbie.
Wow what a fantastic Christmas tour Robbie had. A very big thank you to everyone from Robbie for making him feel so welcome. Robbie told us of some fantastic audiences he has played to. Too many to pick out but Robbie said what a fabulous feeling he left with, it was just great. Some of your stories from christmas's past were a real heart jerker for him. Thank you for taking time to tell your stories.

Don't forget you can always keep in touch with what Robbie is up to on his Facebook page Robbie Lee Wales. Click on and like and keep abreast of his movements and add yourself as a friend and trade stories and comments. There are some get post's and photo's not seen before. Try it out. Don't forget to like it.

2013 is with us and of course for all of you that want to book Robbie's shows just give us call on 01994 427450. We will always try and get the dates you require. If you have a special birthday or occasion, please let us know in advance so that Robbie can arrange a special showcase for your date. I know that many of you keep asking when Robbie will be recording a new CD, the answer is because of commitments Robbie has undertaken this year, we would hope that a new CD will be out by the summer/autumn this year. Robbie is under going discussions to record a DVD which we hope to have out hopefully for Xmas or early 2014.

12th December 2012

As Robbie's Christmas Cracker tour gets well under way, we at RCT Entertainments on behalf of Robbie Lee, would like to wish you all a wonderful time this Xmas time and hope you will all be happy and safe for the New Year. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.

15th October 2012

Robbie's getting ready for the extensive Xmas 12 tour. So many dates to do but he is looking really forward to this tour this year. This year has been a very busy time for Robbie, he has toured extensively around West and South Wales appearing at many new venues. All of the venues have rebooked his nostalgia show and many have requested in addition either his 60's showcase or Robbie's Country show. In some cases BOTH. Plus everyone wants his Christmas Cracker show which for many there were not any dates left. Remember book early for Christmas 2013.

25th July 2012

First let me apologise for the delay in bringing news about Robbie. We have had some difficulties in bringing you up to date news but that now has been resolved. Also now Robbie has his own Facebook page, robbieleewales, just log on and become friends with Robbie. The advantages of the Facebook page is you will receive daily information, view current photos and also send in your own photos and comments which I know Robbie would love to hear from you. Try it today and become a member of Robbie's own group on Facebook.
What's been happening since we last spoke to you? As always Robbie has been extremely busy with his one man show's. His wonderful showcase show is still proving to be extremely popular and we are gaining new venues all the time. The country show has proven to be very popular and the NEW 60's extravaganza is gaining loads of interest and bookings. Robbie has been to Jersey in the Channel Islands and will be returning hopefully in November with his Showcase show. Will keep you Channel Islanders up to date when all the venues are finalised.
The weather this year has been a complete washout for most of the fetes, which I know Robbie was deeply upset about but I have to mention Ysgurborwen House in Aberdare. The day of the fete started off so well even a touch of sunshine. Robbie's equipment arrived and got set up under a gazebo. The crowds turned up, most were holding an umbrella or coat and Robbie kicked of the event. Everything was going well and for those who have seen Robbie at a fete will know that he always invites someone up to help him sing any request. The request this time was............. Singing In The Rain, tempting fate and then yes it came down. Within seconds the ground was flooded and right where Robbie was performing, there was up to 2" of water. Mass panic, road crew worked frantically to get everything off the ground and whilst all this was going on Robbie still sang Singing In The Rain. When he finished the song the soaking wet crowd went wild. A great afternoon was had by all and still the fete raised just under 2000.

24th January 2012
Welcome to the first news addition for 2012. First let me reflect on last year 2011. What a Christmas Cracker Show we had. Over 58 venues took the Christmas Cracker show and everyone of you had a great time Robbie promised you. So much laughter and tears were generated by Robbie. Robbie was totally exhausted by the New Year. During 2011 Robbie Lee was introduced to new venues which Robbie always looks forward to meet new audiences . Good to see that all of you have taken the show for this year. Last year saw the introduction of the Robbie Lee Country Show. This show gained momentum throughout the year and the comments and pictures we have received have been fantastic. We have great pleasure in announcing that the Robbie Lee Country Show is now available to book NOW for 2012.

BRAND NEW FOR 2012. This is The Robbie Lee 60's Showcase. This brand new showcase features lots of songs and fun from 1960 to 1965. A wonderful collection of great songs. Robbie has introduced a brand new addition to his showcase, a sixties musical quiz. We have mentioned this showcase to a few venues and already they are snapping up dates throughout 2012. A great show and Robbie promises you, you will not be disappointed.

Don't forget, Robbie is still doing his brilliant original showcase of great songs and fun which he continues to build on and I know that this years first quarter his showcase is already proving very popular. Don't miss it! Please checkout new calendar page to see when and where Robbie is next appearing near you. If you would like to book Robbie for your venue, you can go to the contact form and send in your inquiry or just pick your phone and call 01994 427450 and have a chat to us (we're very nice you know, we don't bite). Finally please keep all your photos coming in and have a look at last years photos at Your Photos. Robbie is once again looking forward to visiting and meeting you all again in 2012. Take care.

1st January 2012

From Robbie and his family and all of us at RCT Entertainments, a very Happy New Year to you all and a BIG thank you for all your comments, photos and requests. Please keep them coming in.

21st November 2011
Well folks, it's that time of year again. What a year this has been. A really busy last quarter of the year it turned out to be for Robbie. Lot's of new venues, which is always a pleasure for Robbie to do, meeting new people to experience his wonderful cabaret show. We had the introduction of a brand new showcase, The Robbie Lee Country Show which was a new road for Robbie to travel down. But from all the messages and emails we have received, you all enjoyed the showcase. I know Robbie was a bit concerned as he hadn't done much country music in his career but as always, Robbie puts everything into his shows. A great choice of old and new country music for everyone to enjoy. The Country Show has been such a success, Robbie has decided to make available the Country Showcase for 2012. For further details contact us here at RCT Entertainments for details.

NEW FOR 2012. A brand new showcase of music and fun, The Robbie Lee 60's Show. This brand new showcase features songs from 1960 -1965 plus a walk down memory lane with a fun quiz. This has all the ingredients for a fun packed showcase. Remember The Robbie Lee 60's Showcase and the Robbie Lee Country Showcase is in addition with the ever popular Robbie Lee Cabaret Showcase. Once again for details of any of Robbie's showcases, just call Rod on 01994 427450 and we will only be happy to deal with your inquiry.

As in the song, Christmas is just around the corner and Robbie is fully prepared for the 2011 Christmas Cracker Showcase. Last year was a sad time for Robbie with the passing of Robbie's father Ernie. Robbie, was really touched with all the condolences he received from many of you who had met Robbie's dad. So this year Robbie has pulled out all the stops to give you all a really fantastic show of music and fun with a new item of interest. To find out just don't miss his show. The Christmas Cracker Showcase was played out at Evergreen Cub in Bridgend last week and what a show that was. If this is just the start, look out.
Finally, as always Robbie and all at RCT Entertainments would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting Robbie this year, your photos and messages are always a treat to view. So let us be the first to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. Thank you ALL!

27th September 2011
Well summer is well and truly over. But what a summer it was. Robbie has had a fantastic summer with not just his normal shows but many outside summer fetes around South and West Wales. A big thank you must go to the village of Coytrahen for such a fantastic event. The weather was brilliant and the turn out was fantastic. Everyone in the village came along and supported a great day. Thank you for making Robbie so welcome and I can tell from the emails and letters we have received that you all enjoyed the show. Your raffle will never be the same again.

Among all the rushing around, this year Robbie found some time out to have a holiday. Yes Robbie took a break. He and his family spent a while in Tenerife. While Robbie was on holiday he received a phone call asking if he had ever done a country show. Robbie said no but would love to do one. He was asked if he could put one together on his return from holiday. As soon as the plane touch down in Cardiff, Robbie set out in the studio to complete a country show. The show has proved an instant success and from that request he now has a whole new audience to perform to. The country show has some great country songs old and new from the greats of country. Some sad ones, some old favorites and some great line dancing tunes. Word has soon spread round and the requests for the country show has been brilliant. If your venue would like a country show just give Rod a ring at the office 01994 427450 and he will only be pleased to fill your date sheet in.

Christmas (what already I hear you all shout) is just around the corner and free dates are thin on the ground. I know speaking to Rod that this years Christmas Cracker show has received more requests than last year but there are a few dates left. Check out new calendar page
and see if we can fit you in. I spoke to Robbie yesterday and he informed me that the Christmas Cracker show is just being finalized and will prove to be his best Christmas show yet. Don't leave it too late as quite a few of you did last year. Book now to avoid disappointing your clientele.

18th July 2011
GREAT NEWS ! Listen and watch Robbie live in action , Robbie Lee Showcase. These are some clips taken from shows over the years. Lets us know your comments via the contacts page. Robbie Lee Showcase

12th July 2011
We have found a web site with history of one of Robbie's groups The Californians click on the link and have a read. Brum beat link
Click on the next links to listen to The Californians hits. Mandy by The Californians

You've got your troubles by The Californians

Cooks Of Cake And Kindness by The Californians

10th July 2011

Keep watching for some archive news and NEW live action from Robbie. Coming soon to a computer near you!........

9th May 2011

Well what a marathon month April was. With Easter, Bank Holidays and of course The Royal Wedding. We all wish the Royal couple all the best. Robbie was so impressed with the effort you all took for the wedding. Bunting, flags and wonderful costumes you all wore. Robbie would like to thank in particular Plas Newydd of Cevin Coed for their fantastic effort. Robbie walked in and found himself in a wedding actually taking place. What a supprise it was to him. Of course not a real wedding but one Robbie thought was. A vicar, bride and groom and best man and bridesmaids. It wasn't until Robbie saw the names when he realised that Prince Harry wasn't actually there. What a great afternoon that was. Have a look at the photos on Your Photos. Everyone was over the moon with Robbie's wedding showcase. He had so many people come up and tell him how he had brought back memories of their special day. Tears were all over the place. A big thank you to you all for your comments. If you have any photos you may want to show on the website, just email to and we will only to happy to present them.
The fete season is coming around, there are just a few dates left. If you require a date for your fete then call Rod on 01994 427450 and have a chat with him. I'm sure you will all hope that this years weather will be better than last years. Lets face it, it couldn't be any worse.
Robbie would like to say as always thanks to you all.

28th February 2011

February almost gone and Robbie's getting ready for this years bonanzer Easter holiday period with Easter, the Royal Wedding and 2 Bank holidays. Who was it that said "No peace for the wicked !!" Easter as you can see from new calendar page
is really busy and the Royal Wedding is something special Robbie has cooked up.

Some of you good people are asking when the next album is due out. Sadly, it won't for a few months yet as Robbie has got so many commitments already. I know Robbie is not happy with the situation but he just cannot squeeze another second out of his work load for the next 4-6 months.

On a different note, Robbie last week visited the West Midlands to meet family for a memorial service for his father, Ernie who died late last year. It was good for Robbie to meet up with his family once again and chat about memories of his father and mother. Talking of memories, if you read Robbie's Bio page you will notice that early on in Robbie's career he was in a band called The Californians. The Californians had chart success with a few records and toured around Europe. Last week saw three of The Californians meet up again for the first time in 40 years. Pete Habberly, John O'hara and Robbie all met and had a wonderful night out in Wolverhampton. Of course the talk was about the old days. The laughter was loud and long. When the night ended the lads promised to met up very soon and the talk was a live reunion may be on its way. I will keep you all posted about that. I know Robbie is really keen for this to happen. If you want to see photos of that night in Wolverhampton click on Your Photos and have a look for yourselves.

1st January 2011

Well another year gone, but a wonderful and busy year it has been for Robbie. Sadly, for Robbie it was not a happy end he would have liked. After a short illness Robbie's father, Ernie, aged 90, sadly passed away just a few days before Christmas. I know many of you have met Robbie's dad. Always smiling and happy to be with Robbie on the road. I would like to take this opportunity to pass on our deepest sympathies to Robbie and his sister's Norma and Jean and all their families for their sad loss.

The weather had not been great for Robbie at his most busiest time of the year. However, in true professorial manner, out of the 56 dates, Robbie missed only 2. Which were beyond his power. We are really sorry Cherry Trees in Caldicot and Highfields in Blackwood. I know Robbie will be back with you real soon. What a great show Christmas 2010 was. The comments we have received in the office have been fantastic. Thank you all for those reports. We love to hear good or bad comments so we can fine tune the shows for 2011. I know Robbie would like to thank his son Luke for all his hard work with the equipment and sound during the Christmas period. I know that Robbie would not have made it so well without your help. Ta Luke. Finally, 2011 is open for business as usual and already the year is beginning to fill up. If you want to book the show, just call Rod on 01994 427450 and he will only be to glad to help you out with all your requirements. From Robbie and all of us at RCT Entertainments, we would like to wish you all a very happy and a very healthy New Year.

For all 2011 dates check out new calendar page

17th November 2010

There are sometimes when a show goes just right in every way. This happened last night at Pencoed in Saundersfoot. The night was put together rather quickly to celebrate Poppy Day. Robbie had to put a WWII show together and was rather concerned if he had got it just right. When Robbie arrived he quickly found that it was going to be a wonderful night. All the members of staff at Pencoed were dressed in the appropriative costumes. All the members of the forces were represented. We had the Admiral of the Fleet (which century? don't know), we had the Army represented with a few rank and file, both first and second wars. There were a couple of camouflaged squadies but we couldn't see where they were. Not to forget the only RAF pilot complete with scarf and goggles. All the residents and families all joined in with costume and memorabilia and tales of years ago, the venue was decked out in flags etc. It was great to see young and old all joining in with all the great songs from yesteryear which Robbie had selected especially for the show. A treat to see everyone dancing. Tears were close when Bill (Jock to everyone else) got up to sing along with Loch Lomond. A fantastic night all round. Well done Pencoed. Fantastic effort. Hopefully pictures will be arriving very soon and we will put them on Your Photos. Keep checking to see when they are placed.
Other news Robbie is prepared for the 2010 Christmas Cracker Show. Hope you all are. Don't be shy just us give a call or send a message if you have something you want say or have something to celebrate or a photo (jpeg please). Just email us at

6th November 2010
What a fun time Halloween was. A truly scary time for all. Hats off to all of the venues that took great care and time to scare up and dress up to make the event an effective time. Some photos have been placed on Your Photos.. have a look and admire the effort taken. Well done all of you. Keep the photos coming.

Well that time of year is approaching rather fast and Robbie is preparing for once again a really busy time ahead. A really energetic Robbie is back in the gym preparing for a busy and exhausting time. Robbie also comments that it is really worth all the effort and stress. This year Robbie has a new side kick in his show, his son Luke will be handling all the sounds and equipment for Robbie. Luke joined Robbie in October this year and has already proved such a great help in making the show more professional for you to listen and watch. Check out some new attractions with this years Christmas Cracker Show.

For all December dates check out new calendar page

3rd October 2010
Thank you thank you thank you all who have sent birthday cards and presents. It makes me feel so warm to know that you take the time and effort to remember my birthday with all these wonderful birthday gestures. What a busy September I had, I met some new people and went to new venues all I which enjoyed my Autumn showcase. I can't believe that the Christmas Cracker show is soon to be launched but I am really looking forward to this years festivities.

30th August 2010
Robbie is now feeling totally refreshed after having August off and been away on holiday. His batteries are now fully charged and looking forward to his autumn tour. The autumn tour is a lead up to his Christmas Cracker Show. Robbie's brand new autumn showcase is full of some fabulous songs and Robbie tells us that it is full of some surprising styles. Worth checking out. For a list of date and venues where Robbie is appearing next, just click on the new calendar page
Don't forget if you want to get a mention during Robbie's show, if you have a birthday or want to share something, just email to and give us all your details and I know Robbie will only be to glad to give you a mention.

9th April 2010
Wow! what a fantastic response we have had to Robbie's new alum 'Time Goes By', We have completely sold out of our first batch and are eagerly waiting the delivery of the next batch to arrive. Everybody has commented on just how good it is and you all think it is Robbie's best album to date. On behalf of Robbie, thank you all so much for your response.

30th March 2010

At last after so many requests RCT Entertainments proudly announce the release of Robbie Lee's new album 'Time Goes By'. The album is full of many wonderful songs from yesteryear, from the 40's through to the 60's. This album is Robbie's best yet and goes on sale 1st April 2010. The price is only 5.00 plus 1.00 p/p. For sales contact RCT Entertainments on 01994 427450 or contact Robbie when he visits you at your venue next. For details of when Robbie is with you next click on the new calendar page.

    10th March 2010

    Just to keep you all informed, to answer all your phone calls and emails, YES Robbie is back in the studio as we speak recording his NEW album. This album Robbie's 6th will be his best yet! We all hope it will be available for Easter, it's less fattening then chocolate and lasts longer and doesn't affect your hips. Keep checking to see release date.

2nd January 2010
    Well, where did December go? What a tour that was. I have had so many wonderful shows thank you everybody for help make my Xmas Cracker Show go with such a BANG!!!
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank my road crew for dealing what I can only describe as unbelievable weather conditions and making sure no shows were missed. Also I would like to thank Luke for doing a great job handling the sound. What a pro. Ta mate!

If you want to add your Xmas photo's to the site, just email me at in jpeg format and I will only be too glad to include them on Your Photos..

Finally, just to say thank you all for a great 2009 and I look forward to meeting you all again in 2010. Happy New Year to you all.

9th November 2009.
Robbie can't believe just how quick this year has gone and Christmas is looming up in front of him. After missing last years Xmas extravaganza Robbie can not wait to bring his Christmas Cracker show to a venue near you. Check out where he is appearing on the new calendar page.
    Robbie has been working hard to finalize this years Christmas show. There will be plenty of laughs and cheers to make up for missing last year. Don't forget to bring along all the family for a spectacular old fashion Christmas party.

From Robbie and all of us here at RCT Entertainments, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and kind thoughts you have shown and to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.

12th July 2009.

What a few months this has been for Robbie. Just to keep you informed, Robbie is feeling wonderful and despite everything has been working really hard to keep up demand for appearances. He wants to try and keep up with his work load and try to entertain as many venues as possible. So many of you have been fantastic to him with your concerns. Robbie would like to thank especially Burgess House in Cardiff for the banner welcoming him back to them. It really touched him. The fete season is with us once again but I'm sorry the weather is just beyond Robbie's control. Robbie, for the first time ever, is having August off to recover from the first half of the year and will be bringing out a NEW CD sometime in October. We have received many phone calls requesting a new CD but I hope you will all be just that little bit patient and hang on till then. Till the next time, Robbie sends you all his best and looks forward to the second half of the year and meeting you all soon.

Enjoy the summer.

26th January 2009
Just to keep you all informed, Robbie has been declared fit for work and he is really looking forward for February to start. Robbie would like to thank you for all your inquires. Bookings for 2009 are really going well but on a more reduced schedule. Check out when Robbie is next with you click new calendar page
26th November 2008:

I want to take a few moments to thank all of you that have taken the time to send me flowers, get well cards and the many many telephone calls with wishes of good health following my heart attack and my quadruple heart bypass operation. I am so overwhelmed by the support you have given me and my family. Thank you all so much. I am just sorry that I have had to cancel all my work for November, December and January. I know you were all waiting for this years Christmas Cracker showcase, I just hope your not to disappointed. Don't worry there's always next year.
On a more serious note, I'd like to take this time to thank first of all my surgeons Mr. Yohana and Mr Kumar and their wonderful team, all the staff in ITC who brought me back to life, (sorry girls but I can't remember your names something to do with medication) the HDU team especially Dave and Clare and all the staff on Cyril Evans Ward and all at Morriston Hospital Swansea.

When I experienced my heart attack, the fast and efficient professional paramedic team got me to West Wales Hospital Carmarthen really quickly, where upon arriving at ED I was whisked up to CCU where a wonderful team of dedicated people really kept me alive and for this I shall always be eternally grateful. For the next two weeks I was looked after by the most wonderful caring staff I have ever met. The staff of CCU and Step Down, thank you Emma, Gill, Jill, Teressa, Andy, Steve, Mike, Ronnie, Rea, Lesley, Sharon, all the others whose names I have forgotten plus all the domestics for whom nothing was too much trouble. Thank you everyone. A BIG thank you must go to my cardiac consultant Dr Adrian Raybold and his team for everything you have done for me. Lastly, my biggest thanks must go to my wife and family, Gloria, Luke and Max for all their support and love, could not have made it without you all. Love ya loads!
Finally, I am now accepting dates for 2009, please give the office a call 01994 427450 ask to speak to Rod and he will be happy to secure your bookings for the coming year. Once again THANK YOU ALL and have a lovely CHRISTMAS. See ya next year !!!!!!

1st October 2008

Robbie would like to take this moment to thank all his fans for their kind birthday cards and presents and in particular Burges House of Cardiff for the wonderful cake you gave him. THANK YOU everyone. Goto Your Photos page to have a look
NEW TO THE WEBSITE. If you have a birthday or something special you want to celebrate and you would like a particular song sung, then use the contact form. and send all your information and Robbie will try to perform your request.

BRAND NEW FEATURE: Not only can you hear Robbie Lee you can now see him in action on the video page.
After his busiest Christmas period ever, Robbie is having a short time to recover and hopefully get back into the studio for the long awaited new album. Robbie hopes to have the new album out by March. This years looks like being busier than last year. Check out when Robbie is near you on the new calendar page

BRAND NEW FEATURE: Robbie can NOW upload any of your photos that have been taking during his show. Go to Your Photos. section and have a look. If you have any photos of yourselves and Robbie send your photo or email them to and we shall try to upload them onto the site.

robbie lee