The Gaytones
Robbie started in show business at an early age, always trying to make people laugh with his impressions. Local talent shows found Robbie first on the stage ready to give his all.

Realizing that Robbie had a natural talent for rhythm, one Christmas when he was 11, his parents gave him a present of a drum kit.

Over the next year, unfortunately for the neighbors’, Robbie practiced hard and learned to read music. His interest in music naturally led him into the local group scene. He would often be found backstage at some pub or club watching, listening and learning from local groups and by the age of 12 Robbie was working in bands at local clubs.

[photo left - The Gaytones: - Mick, Robbie, Tony, Joey]

Robbie practiced hard learning all types of music. When he left school Robbie's music taste would include many of the American soul artists such as Otis Redding, Joe Tex and all the popular soul artists of the day. At the age of 15, Robbie’s first professional job was with The Choice.

[Photo below right - The Choice: - Dave, Ron, Graham, Robbie]
The Choice It was during his time with The Choice that Robbie’s talent was soon noticed by other bands in the area and was approached by one of the top Midland bands of the day, “The Californians”.

[PHOTO Below - The Californians: Robbie, Pete, John, Mick]

The Californians

The Californians were a popular band who specialized in vocal harmony music and were known as the UK’s Beach Boys. The Californians found chart success with “Sunday Will Never Be The Same” and “You’ve Got Your Troubles”.

The Californians were often heard on all the leading radio shows on Radio 1. They had television appearances here in the U.K. and Ireland and Europe.

The Californians toured extensively and were to be found most summers touring Torquay, Newquay and Jersey in the Channel Islands where you would often find Robbie surfing and skin diving off the wonderful Jersey coastline.

[Photo Left - The Californians Live (Press Release)]
The new Californians

After the Californians split in 1975, Robbie never stopped working in the music business, working on television, radio and appearing with many of the country’s top stars. Cabaret work has taken Robbie all over the U.K., Europe and the world, to countries such as the USA and Africa.

[Photo Right - New Californians line up Mick, Geoff, Pete and in front Robbie]

Avenue 1
Robbie went back to spend time in Jersey and he formed a band called Avenue.

This band were formed on the style of The Californians and very quickly became one of the Islands top bands working in the leading dance and cabaret venues.

[Photo Left - Hud, Robbie, Michelle, Trevor]


Robbie’s talent and popularity soon gained him respect among all the musicians in Jersey and it didn’t take long until he was asked to join Jersey’s top trio, “Tranquility”.

[Photo right - Robbie, Garry, Paul (Tranquility)]

Tranquility was a totally different musical style to what Robbie was used to. This trio were more of a swing and strict tempo band, but because of Robbie’s dedication to learning music early on in his career, this proved not a problem for him. Robbie very quickly fitted in and with the added advantage of his vocal ability, Tranquility found they were not just very good instrumentally but they had become a good vocal band too.

[Photo left - Tranquility (press release)]

Over the next few seasons 1979/80, Tranquility worked endlessly within all the top hotels and venues in the Channel Islands and were offered gigs all over the globe.

[Photo Right - Tranquility (press release)]

After Jersey Robbie returned to the U.K. and the following years found Robbie working with bands as well as doing solo performances around the U.K.

It was during this time that Robbie was approached by one of Birmingham’s top musicians Mike Sheridan Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders was a very popular band and have had many top musicians in the band Roy Wood (Wizard) and Jeff Lynn (ELO) and many more.

[Photo Left - Noel, Mike, RobbiE]

Mike and Robbie developed a special relationship that is still strong today. Robbie was with Mike for about four years which during that time saw a few personal changes.

The popularity of Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders meant they were working constantly and for a long spell, spent time with a leading UK brewery to promote their new brands of beers in all their venues arouChancynd the Midlands.

After a while Mike dropped the bombshell that he wanted a change and left the band. This gave Robbie the chance to move to the front of the band as main vocalist and compere.

The band changed its name from Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders to Chancy. Chancy still worked for the brewery and it was this opportunity which gave Robbie the chance to develop his comedy skills.

[Photo Right - Dave, Geoff, Robbie, Andy]

After six months Chancy became a trio.

Robbie - CHancy[Photo Left - Robbie]
[Photo Right - Andy, Robbie, Geoff]

ChancyAfter about 4 years Robbie and Chancy parted company and Robbie once again moved back to his beloved isle of Jersey. He stayed there for a while playing drums for some summer shows and came back to the UK. The following years found Robbie working with bands as well as doing solo performances around the U.K.

On his return from the USA in 1989, Robbie worked with a television/media company “Henry Gabriel International”. After this period of having a ‘proper job’, he moved to the beautiful countryside of West Wales overlooking Pendine Beach.

It was here that Robbie decided his globe trotting days were over and to return to his roots in the entertainment business. Robbie has built up his own studio where he finds the peaceful karma of West Wales helps him to enjoy his love of music even more. Here, Robbie has refreshed his love for music and has recorded all of his backing tracks and his last six albums.

Robbie has also produced some local artist’s and recorded and produced albums for local schools.

Today, Robbie travels throughout South/West Wales and the Midlands from his idyllic West Wales base giving his dynamic solo performances plus enjoying his many local charity works.
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